He Is Suing A Tinder Hookup Just Who Gave Him Herpes. Ouch chinese women for dating all.

It requires a unique kind of screwed as much as lie concerning your STI condition, and a person in nevada is actually suing their Tinder big date for doing just that. In accordance with AU News «John Doe» (as he is referred to in court documents) is suing a Hollywood manufacturer following the two found on Tinder, boned two times, after that Doe found he had contracted vaginal herpes.

The person is suing their big date for $10,000 for discomfort and damages, which looks high — if your wanting to realize that herpes has actually a stigma inside our culture nearly as lurid and uneducated as HIV. The story becomes delicious whenever court documents display that in advance of shagging, the man had asked his companion if she had a condom, that she said she couldn’t become pregnant. Plus, she informed him she was disease-free, which achieves brand new, illegal levels of unchill when you actually do have an STI.

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No word but on when the guy will win their situation, but i do believe we discovered a very useful concept here: constantly use a condom when you meet some body through an internet dating application — and don’t end up being a dick and sit about your status.